June 6, 2018
15 days left
until the event.

On Wednesday, June 6th, Edgerton students will have our first ever “Fun Run!” What’s a “Fun Run” you ask? A “Fun Run” is a PTA sponsored event where students “run for the money” they collect. Our “Fun Run” is 100% profit! If each Edgerton student collects $10 or more in pledges, we will meet our goal of raising $5,000! The proceeds will benefit classrooms and be used to purchase Chromebooks & iPads as well also support teacher grants!

Here’s how a “Fun Run” works:

  • Students collect flat pledges (not per lap) from friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. (please no door to door requests to strangers!). The checks/cash is collected at pledge time; pledges are tax deductible.  Collect pledges either on paper pledge forms, or right here on this website!

  • Make checks payable to the Edgerton Elementary PTA​ or pay through this website!

  • Online pledges and pledge envelopes along with checks/money are due by Monday, June 4th.

  • On Fun Run day, Wednesday, June 6, all students will wear gym shoes and come to school ready to run. If raining, we’ll move to the gym. Students will run/walk around the designated course for 30 minutes, have a treat, and then return to their classrooms. Special consideration will be given to students with disabilities.

It’s that easy

  • Parents are welcome to come and cheer on the students while they run/walk.

Watch for the Fun Run schedule with running times for each grade level.